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MMS and Malaria: A Field Experiment (Video 1)


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MMS and Malaria: A Second Field Experiment


Fake News and Propaganda: Which way is up, Einstein?

This is a good example, the perfect Case Study, one might say, of how prejudice, ignorance,disinformation, doubt, and confusion are sown by someone on a mission to demonise MMS, evidence to the contrary be damned. Here are some explanatory notes that might help Mr Power orient himself in the convoluted and confusing web of prejudicial conspiracy theory that he managed to tangle himself up in: 

1. Following his submission of the report to the higher ups in the Red Cross, Mr Klaas Proesman, CEO and founder of the Red Cross-affiliated Water Reference Centre, as well as the local office of the Red Cross in Uganda, were intimidated by some higher-ups in the International Red Cross organisation that control the purse strings, that they must stay quiet about, and if needed, deny the study. After all, curing Malaria for a few cents on the dollar is bound to be bad business for the drug manufacturers that sell their toxic malaria treatments at prices that most poor people of this earth cannot afford. We have no independent evidence to support this, unfortunately, but it is the common theme running through all the demonisation we see of MMS, and until someone comes up with a better one, it is the most reasonable explanation.

And, so, it seems that the Red Cross and the Water Reference Centre, sat on the report for a long time without intending to release it to the world, but when the cat was let out of the bag by the Leo Koehof video, and then the leaked one that is prefaced by Jim Humble, Mr Proesman was obliged to say something, so he started to twist and turn and make excuses and even denied at some point that he ever participated in the study at all. The man and his organisation rely for their funding on the very people who want to see this study being discredited and swept under the carpet, so he is in a difficult position.

We appreciate Mr Proesman's dilemma, even though regret the choice he made in the matter. Given that he is a fundamentally decent man, who cares about people in dire need, he is most likely mortified and feels bad about not having stood up for the truth, and for what he knows in his heart to be right. It would be wrong to call him a coward. After all, he is an ex-special forces service man, but not unlike Peter, who in a moment of fright and moral weakness denied knowing his Master, he made a poor, unworthy decision by his own standards, a decision and denial that will haunt him for the rest of his life. Clearly, and thankfully, he no longer denies having taken part in the experiment, which he did deny initially for awhile, but he is still trying to play down its significance. We can only hope that, in his own good time, Mr Proesman will fully repent, like Peter did, of his poor call, and that he will at last find peace and acceptance in his own heart for the psychological harm he is likely to have done himself by his denials and obfuscations. The karmic burden he must carry for his failure to stand up and be counted when it mattered (think of the untold misery and a million deaths annually from malaria alone since 2012!)  must be enormous, and we must pray for him.

  2. Both videos are of the very same experiment, and no, Bishop Leo Koehof did not go back to do a second "fake" study with the locals. He made his documentary independently, as was his right to do, given that he was the principal consultant to the study, training and advising local Red Cross staff as to how to activate and administer the drops, how much should be given to each person, etc., etc. Seriously, blind Freddy can tell that two videos were made of the same experiment by two different producers, and Myles Power's suggestion that Mr Koehof went back to the same place to conduct another supposedly "fake" study of MMS curing malaria is absurd. What possibly could motivate anyone to do that? It is quite clear that Mr Power set out to prove a pre-conceived thesis, that the Uganda study was fake and a fraud. He did not investigate the question with an open mind, but to prove that all these characters in the experiments are frauds, and that the study was a sham, a hoax. But why would anybody want to do something like that. The whole thesis is absurd, and Mr Power would do well to look himself in the mirror and ask himself: Who is being a conspiracy theorist now?! And a shallow one at that. 

 3. Of the 154 cases, there were about half a dozen where the subjects could not be present. They were inmates of a nearby prison that suffered of malaria, and who were given their tests and MMS tonics in gaol, but were otherwise quite rightly counted in the study, and all you can see of them in the video is their test results. You hardly have to be an Einstein to figure this out from the context of the two documentaries, but when finding fault, instead of making sense, is the purpose of the exercise, any little ambiguity or unexplained detail will be used to twist and distort the story to support the desired narrative.

Myles Power is a shallow, dishonest man, who, not unlike many in the corporate media, will not hesitate to mislead and lie in pursuit of a preconceived idea, instead of approaching his subject with open mindedness and honesty, and follow the evidence, whereever it might lead. There is nothing stopping him from doing the experiment himself? After all, this is what Mr Klaas Proesman has urged him repeatedly to do. Mr Proesman has seen the power of MMS with his own eyes, and even though he has reasons of his own for not speaking up about the study as he ought to, he has been urging Mr Power to do the experiment for himself, and find out the truth for sure. Until he does that, or at least takes the trouble of investigating with honesty, by interviewing people who have in fact used MMS successfully to recover their health, he stands condemned.

But none of this is likely to phase Mr Power. After all, he is on a serious mission, undermining his own credibility. Here is another example:

 Another Hatchet Job by Self-Confessed Chemist

Some finer points on the contents and claims made in this video:

1. Sodium Chlorite and Chlorine Dioxide are still being used as water purifiers. Indeed, their use is spreading quickly across several different industries. It is, in effect, the Rolls Royce of water purification technologies. Though still contains silly claims and dire warnings for people not to use MMS, even Wikipedia is getting the facts right these days.

See here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sodium_chlorite

2. The chloride residue (Cl-) is an extremely important element for maintaning human health, and it is not Chlorine (Cl2), which is damaging to human health. If you are going to criticise the use of  MMS, the onus is on YOU, Mr Einstein, to get the facts right. You would not want to scaremonger people with false claims, now, would you? 

3.  From a supposed Chemist, this is really getting embarrassing: namely the straight-faced claim that chlorine dioxide cannot be used to kill pathogens. Why? Because it apparently reacts indiscriminately with anything that comes in contact with it.  This is ignorance at its worst, and it is certainly not our experience. And, it is not what Wikipedia says about it either. Quote from Wikipedia: 


"Acidified sodium chlorite

Mixing sodium chlorite solution with a weak food-grade acid solution (commonly citric acid), both stable, produces short-lived acidified sodium chlorite (ASC) which has potent decontaminating properties. Upon mixing the main active ingredient, chlorous acid is produced in equilibrium with chlorite anion. The proportion varies with pH, temperature, and other factors, ranging from approximately 5–35% chlorous acid with 65–95% chlorite; more acidic solutions result in a higher proportion of chlorous acid. Chlorous acid breaks down to chlorine dioxide which in turn breaks down to chlorite anion and ultimately chloride anion. ASC is used for sanitation of the hard surfaces which come in contact with food and as a wash or rinse for a variety of foods including red meat, poultry, seafood, fruits and vegetables. Because the oxo-chlorine compounds are unstable when properly prepared, there should be no measurable residue on food if treated appropriately.[8][9] ASC also is used as a teat dip for control of mastitis in dairy cattle.[10]


The U.S. Army Natick Soldier Research, Development, and Engineering Center produced a portable "no power required" method of generating chlorine dioxide, known as ClO2, gas, described as one of the best biocides available for combating contaminants, which range from benign microbes and food pathogens to Category A Bioterror agents. In the weeks after the 9/11 attacks when anthrax was sent in letters to public officials, hazardous materials teams used ClO2 to decontaminate the Hart Senate Office Building, and the Brentwood Postal Facility.[11]"

 4. It is true that in high concentrations and doses MMS is a poison, but that is not how we use it, and we always caution people against overdoing their MMS.  Diarrhea and nausea can develop in response to overdoing most things, including water, so why make a mountain out of a mole hill when this happens with MMS? What is the agenda here, Mr Power? To find the truth of the matter, or to create irrational fear in people, so that they do not dare try MMS?

5. Again, dire warnings towards the end of the video that Chlorine dioxide solution is so incredibly dangerous, and should be avoided at all cost, but this is clearly ignorant and contrary to experience. I have personally used it to restore chronic gum disease, both gingivitis and periodontitis, for example, also full blown cellulitis from a bad case of Golden Staph infection (yes, medically confirmed), full blown pneumonia/bronchitis with high fever (also medically confirmed), restored gut health from excessive bloating and flatulance, recovered fully from persistent and worsening arthritis in my finger joints and knees, pink eyes, ear infections, conjunctivitis, etc., etc.

Is Myles Power a paid shill? We do not know, but he might as well be, because he is doing just as much of a "good job" as any of the well paid liars. From what I have seen so far, this man, this self-proclaimed "Chemist" is a bigotted, shallow, narcissistic ignoramus who is in too much love with himself and his own prejudices to do balanced research, which is the only way to do justice to any chosen topic. Even so, the invitation is there for him, and anyone else, at the end of the Second Malaria Experiment Video, linked above, to go to Africa and carry out his own experiment, just the way he thinks it should be done, and learn something in the process. Will he do it? Probably not, because he is a fake, a man of dishonesty and bad faith.
From what I have seen from him so far, and from what I know, he did the same one-sided, disingenuous hatchet job on Black Salve, and here is another link to someone similarly taking him to task for his shallow and dishonest treatment of another topic, in an entirely different area.

It would seem that Myles Power is not interested in learning the truth about MMS, or any of his other topics, but is instead fatally attracted to barking up all the wrong trees, wherever he finds them.



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