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Nano-Ionic Calcium & Magnesium

Nano-Ionic Calcium & Magnesium

Product Information

Ion Channel Calcium/Magnesium

Product Information

Nano-Ionic Cal/Mag supplement is manufactured with technology that creates the ultimate in particle size so small the mineral begins to be absorbed directly into the bodies cells the moment it enters your mouth. This allows for fast effective absorption and high utilisation without taking mega doses of these minerals. Nano Cal/Mag is made from all natural plant source material.

Use Nano-Ionic Calcium/Magnesium as a dietary product in a daily program for strong bones and good general health. Each serving size is 250 mg Elemental Calcium and 130 mg Elemental Magnesium which results in approximately 429,200+ Nano range bioavailable mineral particles per serving. 65.5% Calcium and 34.3% Magnesium. This is approximately equivalent to taking a 1500 mg capsule of calcium and magnesium.

Description:  Nano Cal/Mag-Ionic powder MagiCal is a calcium supplement with the required ratio of magnesium for optimum calcium absorption. The slight residue of acetic acid is recognized by the body as an amino acid to further enhance the absorption of this synergistic product.

Note:  There is only enough magnesium in this product to facilitate the calcium uptake.  Those who are magnesium deficient should also take a magnesium supplement. 

Ingredients:  Nano Calcium & Magnesium is a blend of calcium gluconate, calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate and a residue of acetic acid from apple cider vinegar.

Directions for Use:  (Option 1).  Add 1 rounded teaspoon of Ionic Channel Calcium/Magnesium powder to 360ml of room temperature water in a 500ml bottle.  Shake 10 - 15 times.  Let ionize for 20 seconds & drink. 

(Option 2).  Add 1 rounded teaspoon of powder to hot water or tea.  After it dissolves, calcium & magnesium are absorbed through ion channels in the body & is the most efficient & rapid form of absorption.

Serving size:  1 Tsp.  Each bottle contains 100 gm, or aprox 30 servings

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