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Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 1lt

Extra Virgin  Coconut Oil 1lt

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Extra Virgin Coconut Oil®  


 -  100% pure organically Fiji grown -

 Available in 1litre

 Fiji grown and harvested pure Virgin Coconut Oil and other natural remedies based on thousands of years of Pacific Island tradition.  Direct from our tropical Organic Certified plantations in Fiji. The cold press Banaban Extra Virgin Coconut Oil® is extracted from fresh coconut flesh and is not copra derived. Banaban Extra Virgin Coconut Oil® is not refined, deodorized, or bleached. It has a rich natural coconut taste and aroma. It is cholesterol-free and contains medium-chain good fats with 50% Lauric Acid - a healthy nutrient that supports the metabolism.

Coconut oil has been used by Pacific Islanders for centuries as a major part of their diet and for everyday usage. It has long been considered as 'The Tree of Life!'   Click here for more information on the Benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil.

"The growing virgin coconut oil industry in Fiji is supporting many poor communities on remote islands, who have few opportunities for earning money. For them, the tree of life can also provide their livelihoods. Coconuts are part of the heritage of Pacific islanders, and virgin coconut oil is a remarkable product that we can all benefit from."  from Fiji Times 16 Feb, 2010 by Anne Moorhead, a science writer with Green Ink (UK)

Our Banaban product range supports Banaban people of Fiji and Banaba Island. To learn more about the Banabans and why they are known as the 'Forgotten People of the Pacific' - Click here!

Note : If coconut oil is hard just place container in warm water to soften.


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