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MMS1-HCL + DMSO Complete Travel Kit

MMS1-HCL + DMSO Complete Travel Kit

Product Information

 Compact 50ml bottles x 3 , ready to take for your travels.

The kit includes: 1) MMS1-HCL Convenience Travel Pack (available for purchase separately under a different listing as well)

                           2) DMSO 70% in a glass bottle (also available separately as well)  

According to current air travel security rules, you can take this kit with you in your carry on luggage onto the plane. 

We always use a few activated drops in our drinking water while travelling by air, which helps us avoid coming down with nasties from fellow travellers. 

Note: Dispensing drops from smaller bottles like these requires a different technique, as the drops may not readily oblige coming out as you turn these bottles over, especially while they are still full. If this should happen, then use a swinging action as if throwing a dart, aiming the spout into your glass, and a drop should come out with every swing.

Should any questions be asked by security, this is a water purification kit. We use it to disinfect our drinking water while travelling.

The 4%HCL is a weak dietary acid, about the same strength as vinegar, or lemon juice. Should security require further convincing, you can put a drop of it onto your tongue to demonstrate its safety. It tastes rather salty and tangy, but weak enough so as not to cause a chemical burn. 

Price: $35.00

Product Code: MMS-DMSO Travel Combo
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