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Doc Barton's Chemical Free Unrefined Olive Oil - 0.5 l

Doc Barton's Chemical Free Unrefined Olive Oil - 0.5 l

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Fresh Australian grown,

100% Pure Extra Virgin,

from yearly harvests (2018) – 0.5 litres 

Fruity flavored, high quality olive oil grown on a small family farm in South Australia, undiluted, unfiltered, unprocessed, wholly natural pure cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil at its best.

Chemical free harvesting: The olives are hand-picked, without dessicating chemicals being used on the crop prior to harvest, and traditionally pressed at a local mill.

It is a little known dirty little secret of mechanised harvesting that the crops are sprayed prior to harvest to ripen and weaken the stems on the crop, so  that all of the olives can be mechanically harvested in one hit. Without prior chemical spraying to make the olives shake off easily, about half of the crop would stay on the trees.

What do these chemical residues do to our gut flora? Contemplate this question and do some digging to find out what chemicals are being used to harvest and produce your favourite brand of olive oil (extra virgin or not), and their potential side effects on human health.

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