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CASTORPATCH - Uterine / Pelvic /General detox gel

CASTORPATCH - Uterine / Pelvic /General detox gel

Product Information

Transdermal Castor Oil Complex (450 gr, 10 patches)


Used since Ancient Egypt times, Castor Oil is rich in ricinoleic acid, and traditionally applied

topically to support lymphatic drainage and general detoxification.


Directions for Use: 


Keep refrigerated and apply cold gel onto center of bandage,

enough to cover desired area, making certain to keep sticky parts of bandage dry,

so it will adhere to your skin.


Recommended Use:

- mend scar tissues (You may need the gel only, depending on location of concern, bandages may not be necessary.)

- ease any body pains and cramps - both menstrual (apply over uterus) and digestive (like gas and bloating  - apply over whole abdomen) 

- general detoxification (apply over the liver)

- reduce joint and back pain (apply on area of concern) 

- improve and moisturize the skin, hair 


- sooth and reduce inflamed skin (redness, blemishes, pigmentation)

- fight signs of aging 

- reduce scarring and stretch marks

- disinfect broken skin (injury, bites, stings)



Proprietary blend of organic castor oil, organic plant butters, onion extract and organic essential oils.




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