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GLYTAMINS detoxification suppository

GLYTAMINS detoxification suppository

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Liver / Gallbladder detoxification suppositories (10 pcs) 

Glytamins suppositories replace the kidney and gall bladder flushes with amino acids and herbs to support the body in dealing with gallstones, bile sludge and kidney stones.

Unlike the older olive oil, lemon juice and epsom salt flush, which drains the body of bile fluid, Glytamins rebuilds the bile supply.


Ingredients: Glycine 120 mg, taurine 120 mg, phosphatidyl choline 120 mg, bupleurum 120 mg, chanca piedra 120 mg, peppermint 20 mg, magnesium di-potassium EDTA 20 mg, cocoa butter. For rectal use only.


Many people may develop small crystallizations in their kidneys and gallbladders. Some people may have literally hundreds of stones that have accumulated in their bodies. In approximately 1 out of 4 people, these crystallizations eventually grow large enough to require medical attention.


These crystallizations are typically accumulations of calcium, oxalic acid, uric acid and cholesterol.

Glytamins may support the body in dealing with gall stones and bile sludge.

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