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Sodium Chlorite Flakes - .5kg

Sodium Chlorite Flakes - .5kg

Product Information

1 x .5kg of Water Purification Sodium Chlorite (NaClO2) Crystals/Flakes  @ 80% purity.

To botain a  22.4% Sodium Chlorite solution, as per Jim Humble's formula, 500 grams (.5kg) of crystals/flakes need to be dissolved in 1,286g (1.286kg) of distilled water.

The final weight of the solution should be 1,786g (1.786kg). 

Notice of Delay: = We are awaiting fresh stock coming into inventory for this item, so you can either visit back later, or place your order now and be first in queue when stock arrives. We apologise for the inconvenience. An alternative is to purchase one or more ready made MMS1 kits, which you will find here:




Sodium Chlorite solution at this concentration is POISON, and it should never be taken undiluted.

For most applications, drops of it should be activated (acidified) with a dietary acid for about one minute, prior to adding them to water for cleansing purposes.

 Also, never leave this solution without labeling it clearly as "POISON," as it can be too easily mistaken for water.

The solution should be bottled and marked clearly for what it is, and kept out of reach of children.

If accidental poisoning occurs, seek immediate, emergency assistance.


* For quick water purification, use 2 drops of MMS and 2 drops of dietary acid per 4 litres of water. Mix 2 drops of MMS in an empty glass, add 2 drops of 4%HCL (or 50% citric acid solution). Swirl to mix and wait 30-60 seconds to activate (the mixture should start turning visibly yellow) before adding to 4 litres of water. Wait 1-2 hours for water purification.

*  Multiply this mix for every 4 litres of water to be purified

*  For tank water add 2 drops of MMS (un activated) for every 4 litres of water. Wait 24 hrs for purification.

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