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MMS1 Tablets - size 2 (3 drops)

MMS1 Tablets - size 2 (3 drops)

Product Information

100 x MMS1 Tablets - sizes 1 and 2 = (These produce a form of CDS when dissolved in water).

 NOTE: By choice, we no longer stock this product (as well recommend against the use of citric acid as an activator other than strictly  tipical use).

There are cheaper and at the same time much more effective alternatives, namely our MMS2 capsules, and genuine activated drops



Initially, people started opting for CDS, and CDS producing tablets in an attempt to overcome smell- and taste-aversion issues they had with activated drops. However, as we have learned over the years, these aversion issues were partly due to the use of citric acid as an activator.

Citric acid, as well as ascorbic acid (yes, the so-called "Vitamin C" you buy from your friendly supermaket and chemist), as it turns out, have serious question marks hanging over them.  These used to be made from fruit, but these days they are more commonly made from feeding sugars, especially cheap HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) from GMO corn (itself often laced with herbicides, pesticides, mercury, and who knows what else), to black mold, and then processed using sulfuric acid.

This alone should set off multiple alarm bells for anyone even mildly aware of the suspected and likely causes of the rapidly expanding plethora of chronic health problems that now plague humanity and their closest pets sharing their diet. The underlying science, of course, is never "settled," but we encourage everybody to do their own research on this topic and draw their own conclusions, and the article linked here is a good place to start.



To cut a long story short, a straight replacement for the MMS1 tabs are the MMS2 capsules, which are even more convenient, as well as more effective,  and way less expensive, with no taste or smell issues to deal with. Again, you will find these linked here:



The taste and smell issues that initially motivated a move away from MMS1 activated drops can also be quite easily managed.

First, the replacement of citric acid as an activator with a weak, 4% HCL solution alone makes a huge differencte to the taste experience, which can be further improved by keeping one's mouth firmly closed following a tonic containing activated drops, and only breathing through the nose.An even more effective method for avoiding the taste and smell of activated drops is to pinch one's nose immediately after downing one's tonic and only breathing through the mouth for 30 seconds or so, until mouth gases dissipate, and one should not have experienced any bad smell or taste from the tonic.

Here is again a convenient link to our HCL-MMS1 Convenience Packs, where each MMS bottle is conveniently paired with the latest and best form of activator we know of: 4%HCL.


Finally, if you already have MMS and you wish to grab a bottle or two of  4% HCL activator, you can follow this link:





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