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MMS1 Tablets - size 2 (3 drops)

MMS1 Tablets - size 2 (3 drops)

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100 x MMS1 Tablets - size 2 (3 activated drops equivalent),


NOTE: Extensive testing and experience shows that MMS2 Calcium Hypochlorite capsules and MMS1 activated drops are the most reliable and effective form of MMS. 

Many people try opting for CDS, and CDS producing tablets in an attempt to overcome smell and after-taste aversion issues, but these can be easily managed. 

First, a straight replacement for the MMS1 tabs are the MMS2 capsules, which work out half as expensive and much more reliable and effective. You will find these here:


Taste and smell issues can also be managed very easily with the other alternative, the MMS1 activated drops, by keeping one's mouth firmly closed following a tonic containing activated drops and only breathing through the nose.

An even more effective method for avoiding the taste and smell of activated drops is to pinch one's nose immediately after downing one's tonic and only breathing through the mouth for a minute or so, until mouth gases dissipate. Following this, one can let go of the pinch and just breath normal, and one should not have experienced any bad smell or taste from the drink.

Experience also shows that using a weak, 4% HCL (hydrochloric acid) to acidify the MMS drops, as opposed to using citric acid, also makes a HUGE difference to improve the taste and smell experience. This is because stomach acid that the body produces to aid digeston is largely composed of HCL, so the body knows this dietary acid inside out, and does not object to it in the same way as it does against citric acid being used as an activator.

Here is a convenient link to our HCL-MMS1 Convenience Packs, where each MMS bottle is conveniently paired with the best form of activator: 4%HCL.


If you already have MMS and you wish to grab a bottle or two of  4% HCL activator, you can follow this link to check out and make your purchase:





Price: $60.00 $50.00

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